When Is The Best Time To Buy Snow Blower?

While some first snowflakes fall, most people start to buy snow blower. But that time, we cannot find a right machine with suitable price. Basically, when you go to Snow blower store, maybe there isn’t have any model that you want or at electric shop but high price. So, when is the best time to buy snow blower? Let read that topic and find the answer.

When to buy?

We can’t know if it is a heavy winter or not. Waiting till the last time to buy snow blower is a good choice? Spring, times the previous merchandise is be on sale or summer when people absolutely don’t care about snow. So, when is the right time?

According to experts: “If you are looking for a deal, low-price, it is before the winter: August, September or early of October. If you wait after, maybe you still have good price but less models you can chose”. Besides that, it also depends on your place, some place get snow very early and price rise at that time. But sometimes, sellers keep Snow blowers and wait for winter to rising price.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Snow Blower?


How to buy? Online or In-store retail?

With the global internet as today, everyone can buy somethings online. We need to consider between online outlet and traditional store. Advantage of buying online is some outlet can free ship to you with well price because they don’t have sale tax. On the other hand, you can go on website then come to the store where owner can receive for any question they may have and have a correct choice.

Why selection is important?

Snow blowers are different from brand, origin and power. Customers often buy three kind of Snow blower: single-stage, two-stage gas Snow blower or single-stage electric for our particular needs:

Two-stage: more power, clean snow quicker in larger space. It can also clean deeper or heavier (wet snow or badly conditions) than another kind. Of course, you have to pay more money for this machine, from $600 to $2,100. Besides, it can work well in gravel, which another ones cannot do.

Single-stage: it’s smaller than two-stage, just have one auger to draw the snow and throw it. This one is suitable for small, soft snow. Single-stage will take you 300$ to 900$.

Single-stage electric: like the gas one, it just uses one auger to clean snow but less power. One thing makes different that they make less noise.

Many kinds of Snow blower for you to choose: waiting after snow seasons to get deal or before the first snowflake. When you wait for a deal, maybe the model (power, brand…) will sold out and you force to buy another one which more power than you need ( take you more money)

Advice :

I think you can have all conditions if you chose Craftsman: right price, order online or store, deals and many models for you to choose.

Craftsman is an American brand which has a long-time history, this company will give you good service, a huge system of store near you and two years warranty for all Snow blower model. That mean you can go on their website, chose a model you want and come to store where you can receive some helpful advice from sellers. After buying, you still have service 24h/24h and two years fixing or replacing free.

In addition, if your machine has a problem after two years warranty, you can buy replacement parts in the nearest Craftsman stores with right price and fix it at home easily.

Finally, hope you have a good choice to buy snow blower to repair for winter.

Thank for your attention!

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