Top 7 Snow Blower

Today, we will introduce to you top 7 snow blower base in expert tests along with owner comments. There are some names of snow blower with the best performance, handling and durability. Let refer and find the model that you need.

Top 7 snow blower

1. Toro 1800 power curve 38381

Toro 1800 Electric Curve Snow Thrower

(Best electric snow blower)

Toro 1800 power curve 38381 is the best choice for people who live in light snow areas. It is enough power to clean snow less than 8 inches with less noisy than gas one. It’s terrific at cleaning driveways in bare surface. And it is just 25 pounds, can help us easy to handle.

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2. Greenworks 26032

GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp Snow Thrower

(Cheap electric snow blower)

If you need a basic machine and your budget is limited, Greenworks 26032 is a good choice for electric snow blower. It is less power than Toro 1800 power curve 38381 but it cheaper than it, Greenworks just cost around 150-200$. It’s suitable for cleaning snow not too deep- approximately 6 inch. Four years warranty is also the advantage.

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3. Snow Joe iON18SB

iON18SB Ion Cordless Snow Blower by Snow Joe

(Cordless electric snow blower)

If you want an electric snow blower without the extension cord, iON18SB is a great choice. Owners often give excellent feedback but most of customers don’t choose this model because of its limitation. It uses less electricity but run times and power is low. Owners who get light, thin snow and can balance in 40 minute absolute love this model.

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4. Toro Power Clear 721E38742

Toro Power Shovel 38361 Electric Snow Thrower

(Best single-stage gas snow blower)

The Toro power clear 721E38742 use four strokes engine which help it clean wet, heavy snow but keep speed. Handling is improving by: a self-propelling drive to pull the blower, a variable-speed to control the speed and user-friendly chute. Besides that, Toro is a trust brand and warranty is better than average.

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5. Craftsman 88173

Craftsman Snow Blowers

(Best two-stage gas snow blower)

Though the Craftsman 88173 is smaller than another two-stage gas snow blower, but it has a powerful engine inside. It just take a short time for cleaning large, heavy snow, 24-inch-wide path and snow up to 21 inches deep in one pass. 12-inches high-speed steel auger can clear packed snow but keep speed quickly.

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6. Sno-Tek 920.402

Sno-Tek 920.402

(Compact two-stage gas snow blower)

When you want compact machine, chose Sno-Tek 920.402. It’s not only compact but also have a powerful engine enough to clear pack of snow short time. Owners give it good marks for handling and controls.

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7. Ariens Deluxe 30 921032

Ariens Deluxe 30 921032

(Large two-stage gas snow blower)

Most of two-stage gas snow blower is suitable for family. But if you have more snow to clear, Ariens Deluxe 30921032 snow blower should be the top attention. 30-inches can help you fast work for cleaning the largest snow driveway, though it doesn’t scrape the surface like another machine. If you worry about controls, assisted steering system will solve it, help you change directions easily.

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Our choice:

We suggest you to buy a Craftsman 88173 for your need; it is also choice of many experts and owner. Because the snow blower from Craftsman have a suitable price, good service which can supports you 24h/24, large system of store in the world. Besides that, it also has a long-time in developing snow blower and two years warranty for you. In that two years, if you have any problem, your machine will get fixed or replaced free

In addition, after that you still buy replacement part in Craftsman store and can fix or replace your machine easily.

Hope you have a right machine for winter in top 7 snow blower.

Thank for your attention!

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