Snow Joe snow thrower models are compact in size but offer enormous strength, capable of clearing 8” of snowfall on smaller surfaces, such as patios and decks. Most come with a push button electric start, remote chute operations, and a self-propelled, high-performance auger drive system. On the other hand, their larger models pack a punch to deeper snow and larger areas as well performing in wet slushy conditions. Plus, the trigger control power steering on the 3-stage blowers allow you to operate the unit with a single hand. All of their snow blowers, whether they are big or small, are guaranteed to be tough, durable, and perform according to their specified abilities. Below are our favorite 3 models that Snow Joe offers.

Top 3 Snow Joe Snow Blower Reviews

Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower

This 2-stage snow blower comes equipped with a powerful engine accompanied with a 12” heavy-duty serrated steel auger. In addition, the 524 WE can cut a path 24” wide and 21” deep. It also features Cool Blue rust-resistant, non-marking, reversible deluxe skid shoes that glide along the surface preventing damage. The chute rotation is operated by a remote crank on the station control and can pivot 180°. An added bonus to this particular model is the in-dash headlight and the heated hand grips. A 3 year residential warranty and a 1 year commercial warranty is included with the 524 WE model.

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Snow Joe iON13SS Snow Blower

If you’re looking for a compact, highly powerful snow blower for your smaller areas, then Snow Joe has this single-stage, electric start snow blower equipped with a 123cc OHV engine. Operate this blower at your own speed with the auger propelled drive system. The auger itself is 9” in diameter and constructed out of reinforced rubber and steel combination. The chute rotation is an adjustable 190° so you can throw the snow in the direction you need to. A clearing width of 21” and an intake height of 13” provide ample clearing possibilities. This unit also comes with a 3 year residential warranty and a 1 year commercial warranty.

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Snow Joe SJ623E Snow Blower

3-stage power is what you get with the 30” HD. It’s capable of clearing snow 50% faster than the traditional 2X, plus it’s able to break down that wall of snow at the end of your driveway created by snow plows. 420cc of Snow Joe engine power along with the serrated steel augers, and steel chute don’t give the snow and ice a chance. This 3-stage unit collects the snow and ice, chops it up, and sends it soaring out of the 200° rotating shoot. The 30” HD is auger driven so you can move at your own pace, and can be operated with one hand using the trigger control. In addition, the pitch control is operated by an in-dash 2-way remote control. Also, this particular model is equipped with a headlight and heated hand grips for your comfort.

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Snow Joe is a brand you can trust and their snow blowers are all backed by a 3 year residential warranty or a 1 year commercial warranty. As one of the top brand names in snow blowers, Snow Joe takes pride in their products, and will assist you in selecting the right snow blower for your needs. It’s time to get prepared for this upcoming snow season and make sure you have the tools to get you through.

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