Ariens is backed by 80 years of experience and dedication to provide consumers with superior craftsmanship in a quality product. All Ariens’ products come with a 3 year warranty and are supported by an experienced dealer network. At times they offer extended warranties on their products as well. Those who work for Ariens are diligent people who create hardworking machines with pride and passion. We’ve kept this in mind while writing our Ariens snow blower reviews.

Additional features associated with some of their models are headlights that light the way during darker hours when the work just won’t wait, plus heated handles to keep your hands warm during operation on the cold winter days. Larger impellers cut through tough snow and ice quickly and are freeze resistant. Furthermore, dash mounted chute controls rotate 200° so you can throw the snow exactly where you want it.We have picked our favorite top 3 models of Ariens snow blowers, and here is what they have to offer.

Top 3 Ariens Snow Blower

Compact 24 920021 Snow Blower Reviews

This 2-stage gas-powered snow blower has a clearing width of 24” and is equipped with an Ariens AX 208cc engine. Serrated steel 11” augers and a steel 3-blade impeller work in conjunction to cut through and toss snow up to 40ft through an adjustable rotating chute with deflector, all controlled by remote. This particular model offers 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds, allowing you to control the blower efficiently through tough snow and ice. It also features a Halogen headlight, and can easily be started with either electric start or recoil for your convenience.

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Path-Pro 136R Snow Blower

The Path-Pro 136R is equipped with an Ariens AX 136cc engine that’s designed for effectively clearing snow off of smaller surfaces. It’s a single stage model with a recoil start. In addition it’s capable of tossing snow 25 feet through its manually adjusted chute. The auger propelled drive moves the unit forward with one speed and can efficiently clear a path 21” wide. The auger is constructed out of reinforced rubber and the scraper bar is Polymer adjustable. Folding handlebars make storage convenient. Plus maintenance on this particular model is easy with the included access hatch.

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921024 Deluxe 24 Snow Blower

When you think of heavy snow, you should think of the Ariens Deluxe series. This high-powered, durable snow blower can launch snow 50 ft. and accommodate removal of 16” inches of snowfall without blinking an eye. It’s capable of cutting a width of 24” and has a housing height of 21”. That’s a lot of snow removal from this compact machine. The Deluxe 24 is equipped with an Ariens AX 254cc gas powered engine with auto-turn steering, 6 forward speeds, and 2 reverse speeds. A 14” steel serrated auger with 3 blade impeller and steel adjustable scraper bars plow through the snow, dispersing it efficiently. The chute rotation is a 2.5x ice drill; meaning it can tackle compacted snow and ice by chopping it up before dispersing. This particular model is also equipped with a headlight for your convenience during night time jobs.

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All in all, Ariens delivers some of the best snow blowers on the market today; their reputation is what has kept them in the top brand category. If you are in the market for a long lasting, durable snow blower to assist you in getting through the winter months, then Ariens Snow blowers might be the brand for you.

Still not sure after reading our Ariens snow blower reviews? Feel free to contact us! We are the experts after all.

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