Lost Craftsman Snow Blower Key - What Should We Do?

When you wake up in the morning and find the snow in the yard increasingly thickening. You immediately find the snow blower key to start the machine. Unfortunately, the key has been lost and you do not know how to do?

With many years experience in the technology field blowing snow, Craftsman brand has released a key set of 4 pieces suitable for all common vehicles blowing snow.

Key set have the following basic information:

  • Colors: red,black (red, black design will easily help you find the falling snow)
  • Decorations: each key has a particular character as B, T, ST for several other series, with characters so that you will easily recognize themselves should use public key without try to test each key


Lost Craftsman Snow Blower Key


“B” key will be used for Briggs & Stratton engines

“T” key will be used for Tecumseh engines

“ST” key will be used for MTD and Craftsman Engines

  • Weight: 0.05 g lightweight for in your pocket
  • Material: durable plastic with time
  • Key reserves: in each of us will enclose you add a small storage key in case you lose or damage.

It will be easy for you to store and remember their functions. In addition to the basic information about the above products, Craftsman snow blower also have professional staff will always be our friend and many branch 24/24 in each state. Your job is to call us immediately and ordered, the team will come to your home 15 minutes.

Especially over all service delivery and complete guide for free!

We are committed to giving you peace of mind about the quality of products as well as services.

If you lost Craftsman snow blower key, price for the key set is 3.5 dollars and you can change the payment within 90 days after receipt of goods. We will refund without excuse!

If you want to buy one kind of sets you and please call us, we will provide more details about the product and assist you if possible.

Please contact us at web: snowblowersguide.com

And in waiting time, you can use a small plastic, imaging how does your snow blower key look like? And cut it like this one. Sometimes the key just use to fill and link electrical circuits. Or you can remove the cover and try to get them linked. We can’t give you specific guide because any model has different structure. But we also advise that could make your machine broken.

An advice for you, after having a new snow blower key, you should tie it in handle and it doesn’t lost, just will still dangle there.

Finally, if you have a problem with your snow blowers key, try to contact Craftsman now. When your snow blower are in two years warranty time, maybe you can have a free key. Even if it isn’t, Craftsman also has most of replacement parts in all of stores in their large system.

Hope you know helpful information

Thank for your attention!

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