If you live in an area that produces a lot of snow fall then you know the struggles of constantly having to shovel snow to clear a usable path.  If that’s the case, you might want to consider investing in a gas snow blower or snow thrower as some call them. Gas snow blowers are an efficient, powerful, and convenient alternative to back breaking shoveling.  In addition, they are also time and labor saving, which allow you to enjoy the finer moments that winter has to offer.

Gas snow blowers come in a variety of sizes and levels of power, plus depending on the model and style, offer several various features of convenience as well.  Typical gas snow blowers are available in three stages; single stage, two-stage, and three-stage, with the three-stage being the most powerful, and generally used for bigger jobs.

In order to differentiate the three, a single stage snow blower has an auger that collects the snow on the surface and directs it into the chute. Specifically, single-stage snow blowers are utilized for smaller areas, as they aren’t a self-propelled blower, plus they are recommended for concrete and cement areas, and not for gravel surfaces, as they tend to scrape right down to the surface and could possibly pick up the gravel and launch it into a window. Two-stage models differ from the single-stage because, not only do they have an auger, they have an impeller.

The snow is picked up with the auger, and the impeller moves it through the chute for launch.  Also, two-stage as well as three-stage blowers are equipped with skid shoes that elevate the auger so it can be used on various surfaces, including gravel. Three stage-models are similar to the two-stage, however, they feature an accelerator that moves 10x’s faster than the auger(s), which means it’s snow clearing capability is far greater than the two-stage.

Other features associated with various models are rotating chutes, which determine the direction the snow will be thrown; they can be operated manually or on a control panel located on the blowers. Single hand operating capabilities, power steering, easy start buttons, speed controls, are all general characteristics that accompany gas snow blowers. In addition, optional heated hand grips, or headlights can also be featured on different models.

Equally important is the clearing width and the depth, there are several to select from depending on what and how fast you want to clear. The more powerful models are capable of breaking down ice as well. To determine the type of gas powered snow blower you require, you’ll first need to evaluate the amount of snow that accumulates, the area size, and the capacity, from there you’ll be able to select which gas snow blower is right for you.

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