Does The Snow Blower Blow Snow?

If we haven’t seen the snow blower, mostly we will image it is the machine like hair dryers. Is it a powerful machine to blow the large amounts of snow on the road? No, it is a wrong notion. Let follow us to see how a snow blower works.

1. What is snow blower?

The snow blower is the machine that it drill snow surface and blow out a distance from where we want to clean. Snow blowers often divide into two kinds: one stage and two stages, it just difference from power, other details are the same.

And electric snow blowers are smaller than gas ones, so it is suitable for family or small area but less powerful than two-stage.

–           Single-stage engine use gas, the augers scoop snow and throw it out. But it isn’t safe when we use it on gravel surfaces because maybe rocks can throw along snow and hurt you. And single-stage snow blowers are often effective with cleaning snow approximately twelve inches deep.

–           Two-stage use about twenty inches, often deeper and can up to fifty inches deep. The auger on a two-stage machine does not touch the ground, making it safe to use on gravel surfaces.

Some popular brands: Toro, Craftsman, Honda… We suggest you to buy a Craftsman snow blower; this brand has a long history about garden tools. Addition, it has a one year warranty and good service which can help you all times you need.

2. Main parts and their roles

– Carburetor: this part regulates air and fuel in the engine. It has a choke valve to adjust air-to-fuel into engine to help we start the machine easier.

– Spark plug: it is small thing but without it, we cannot start the machine. It burns the mixture of air and fuel.

– Auger: there are many details inside and their responsible is drilling down snow surface and brings snow up to throw out.

– Engine: we can compare it with the heart of machine. It converts from fuel into mechanical energy and help other part working.

Absolutely, the snow blower still have many different parts, we just list four common part. Small details are also important. Without them, the machine can be broken down or don’t work effectively. So, what we can do if somethings have a problem?

 3. Maintenance and repair

Activating the machine in the best way, we have to regularly check and maintain it:- check amount of fuel- fill oil to help it work fluently

– When we don’t use, bring it in warehouse or dry area

If you find damaged part, buy replacement part and fix it. Today, everything becomes easier by the internet. You can buy it on EBay or go to the nearest store, buy new part or used part (some people sell used part which is still good). However, we have to check it before buying.

This is a notable point in selecting the snow blower. Craftsman not only gives you a best snow blower, but also brings for you a good service. When your craftsman snow blower has a problem: if it in warranty, connect to nearest store to fix or replace free. Or not you can get an advice and solve your problem. Craftsman has big system of store around the world, so you can be assured.

Hope this information is helpful for you. Wish you have a Smart Choice.

Thank for your attention!

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