Cons And Pros Of Snow Blower

In the internet, you will find many topics about snow blower; but when reading, you can’t find cons and pros of snow blower. Maybe, we can help you know cons and pros when you own a snow blower by this topic.


+ Save your energy: it’s very difficult when you went out with shovel: wear coat, your back sweat, try to clear wet snow in a day that temperature is below 0 degree. What a terrible time! But if you want to have a chance to do exercise, plowing isn’t bad.

+ Save money: When you have a snow blower, you can clear snow easily. Don’t need to hire plow guys or pay money for contractors. The fees of clearing snow are maybe about 70$ per month. If you still live there, in snow area for long times, it will take you more money than you buy a snow blower. I did a small math: 70$* 4 snow months = 280$/y, after 2 years you can buy a snow blower and all fees to operate it. There is a wasting when the winter is dry instead of wet, sloppy snow; you can clear dry snow by yourself easily. And disadvantage of contractor is maybe they aren’t unreliable.

+ Save time: Of course, when you do it with a shovel, it takes you the longer times than automatic machine. When you have a snow blower, clearing snow just need approximately 30 minutes and with this area, it’ take you about 2 hours by working with your shovel.

+ Make children help: You have a chance to make your children help family. Try to tell them going out, play with snow and clear snow in the garden or road. And you don’t need to care about their health, just 10 – 20 minutes, maybe can help their immune systems.

+ Flexible time: when you hire plow guys or contact contractor, it’s ok. But when you want to go out early, what do you do? Call them? And sometimes, contractors have more customers and they may be clean snow with a schedule and you can’t make them change it. But with snow blower, you can clean snow road whenever you want.


+ Big fees: first, you have to spend 400- 1000$ for buying a snow blower depend on its power, brand. After that, maintenance fees, operation fees …

+ Concerns: this may include change oils, fill fuel, clean it… get up early in the morning to clear snow on road because someone in your family want to go out or if you can’t maintain it, you have to pay for mechanic.

But cons of snow blower can be destroyed easily if you buy Craftsman snow blower. You will have 1 year warranty, everything will be free (maintenance, replace, fix…), good service and big system can help you solve your snow blower problem 24/24h and you also buy replacement part and try to fix yourself. There are many stores near you, so buy replacement part and try to fix it by your way.

This is wonderful if I help you know about cons and pros of snow blower. Hope you have an amazing winter with your family.

Thank for your attention!

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