Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower Reviews

Whether you’re utilizing your Briggs and Stratton to eliminate freshly fallen snow off of your deck, or are more involved with deep impacted snow that has accumulated for days, you can expect Briggs and Stratton to pull through, delivering the quality and efficiency expected of these name brand snow blowers. Briggs and Stratton’s impeccable reputation for long lasting, highly durable and simplistic operating procedures ensures you get what you pay for, and you’ll know that it will perform at the level you need. In addition, Briggs and Stratton customer service is beyond satisfying. All questions can be answered on-line, by mail or instantly online.

You can log onto their website and talk with a real professional M-F, 7:30a – 6:00p.With several different models to choose from, possibilities are limitless. Briggs and Stratton offers electric, single-stage, two-stage snow blowers, and the omnipotent Snow Master series. All Briggs and Stratton snow blowers are equipped with innovative controls and advance snow throwing technology that contributes to their status as number one in the snow blower world. Their electric models are capable of dispersing snow 30 feet in the air.

They are extremely lightweight, portable, and efficiently clear off small patios or driveways. On the other hand, their more advanced models such as the Snow Master Series bull doze their way through thick, heavy snow like butter. Self-propelled and automatic steering provides simplistic maneuverability in tight spaces. The tall auger housing and the all steel construction auger bites through thick compacted snow and can accommodate wet, slushy conditions.

Briggs and Stratton 1696156 Snow Blower

Briggs and Stratton 1696156 Snow Blower

This has got to be the Cadillac of the snow blowers that Briggs and Stratton offers. There is nothing it can’t do when it comes to snow removal; therefore, it’s one of our favorite models that Briggs and Stratton has available. This particular model is 30% faster than a traditional 2-stage blower. It’s capable of a 27” clearing width and can effectively disperse snow 40’, which leaves you a lot of room to work. The 1696156 model also reaches a depth of 19.5” in one pass. Any surface is fair game to the 1696156, which includes asphalt, gravel, cement, and wood decks. All of these features are backed up with the powerful 250cc OVH Briggs and Stratton Engine.

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Overall, Briggs and Stratton delivers dependability and when the snow season arrives, you can rest assure that Briggs and Stratton will pull you through until the end. Why settle for a brand, just because it might be less expensive? Winter should be a festive season, instead of one packed full of strenuous snow removal.

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