Single stage and two stage snow blower – Knowing your need first

When you are sure about buying a snow blower, there is one problem appear, this is kind of snow blower. Because today, customers have two powers to choose: single stage and two stage snow blower. But what is advantage and disadvantage of them to find what is right for your area. Before that, it also depends on the area that you want to clear and mostly the type of snow you typically remove. Both single stage and two stage snow blower can clear snow from your driveways and sidewalks, but they have different mechanism and they are suitable for different type of your snow.

How single stage and two stage snow blower work

Single stage and two stage snow blower have different ways to remove and throw snow. With single-stage machine, a high speed rotor gathers and throws snow in one motion. It also cleans up to pavement so we don’t need to go back and doing it manual by shovel or sweep surface. But it also is the disadvantage of single-stage snow blower; it should not be used in unpaved, grass or gravel surfaces. Some owners get hurt or damaged windows because single stage snow blower maybe can throw dirty rocks or gravel through the chute. Other owners also complain about their single stage machine cut down to grass and chew up its. There is one way to resolve: just clean majority of snow, not at all but it bother for us. Single stage is suitable for clean nine inches or less and no gravel or grass surface.

A two stage snow blower is normally bigger and power than single, making them good for clean deep snow. If you live in area that a large amount of snow fall a year, a two-stage can be your best choice. With powerful engine, it can clear up to 20 inches deep, suitable for remove snow in large area in short time. This machine is perfect for family even if there are gravel and grass surfaces or packed wet snow.


If you have found the kind of snow blower that you want, let’s see some brands. There are many snow blower brands but I think Craftsman snow blower will be suitable for you and your family. Craftsman is the American popular brand which have many times in supplying work wear, garden tool, machine…

When you buy a snow blower from Craftsman that mean you have a right price, good service can help you 24/7. They also have a big system of store which can supply you the best snow blowers and you can fix or replace your snow blower absolutely free in two years warranty if it has any small problem. In addition, they still sell replacement parts for you if you want to buy and fix by yourself, this shows you their service after buying. They always think for customers.

If you still have any question in choosing single stage and two stage snow blower contact them and you will have an answer.Thank for your attention!

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