Craftsman Snow blower, why you can’t start?

When winter is coming and you think this time is for your hero- a Craftsman snow blower, but it isn’t as you expect, you can’t start the machine. Don’t worry, snow blower is just a machine, problems are inevitable. There are many reason make your snow blower doesn’t work. Maybe your machine too old, part has damage or you don’t usually use it because it is just helpful in winter…

Let check what is your problem?

We would like for example with Craftsman snow blower because of the popularity of this brand.

There are three situations:

·         Fuel problem :

Of course, if you don’t have fuel, it won’t start. But if you think you have enough fuel, it still can happen with fuel. Stale gas, maybe on last winter can make your snow blower doesn’t start. Even if you used a stabilizer, there’s a chance that fuel evaporation has caused deposits in your carburetor.

–           Empty the tank

–           Drain the carburetor bowl

–           Clean carburetor

–           Then put it all back together, and add new fuel.

·         Spark Plug Problems :

Steps to check the spark plug:

–           Remove the spark plug

–           If you see cracks, test in another machine. Maybe you can use it more.

–           Dirty head, try to clean: it doesn’t get enough sufficient sparks.

–           Then, check the air flow. You should feel the air in your hand when pulling cord

·         Air-to-Fuel Mixture

Choke help the machine working by regulate air and fuel in the engine. It open and close choke valve to adjust suitable air-to-fuel into carburetor. Normally, choke valve in snow blower often close to air-to-fuel is rich. If we want engine fire easily, turn the choke lower to control the pressure in carburetor. When it is warm up, open the choke again to return the engine to normal. Adjust your choke to have a suitable air for engine.

Finally, if you think you tried everything but it still not start, maybe there is a problem inside, try contact mechanic. But you also know about your machine for don’t waste money to anything mechanic image. And congratulation to people, who can find problem. When you want to buy replace parts, go to reputable store, seller or go to website of snow blower :

–           go to these websites

–           fill your snow blower name, kind or part you want

–           It will list for you many kinds, Information as you search

 –          After that, buy it and replace your part

Advice to you when you chose brand: we think Craftsman snow blower is the correct choice, it has many years to improve product. And that is demonstrated by numerous awards that Craftsman have: “America’s Most Trusted Brand”, “Highest Expectations”, “Reader’s Choice Awards”… In addition, it also has a one year warranty with good service and big system of store around the world. So you can contact for help or find replace part easily. Basically, with snow blower for craftsman, we not ony have been helped fast by this company, but also helped by people who use Craftsman snow blower, which is via internet because it is a popular brand in the world.

Hope you have some helpful information and can fix your snow blower by yourself for next winter. Thank for your attention!

Ps: before repairs disconnect the power supply and wear protective gear to prevent toxic chemicals or debris.