Craftsman 88173 – the best of two stage snow blower

Check out the following information of Craftsman 88173 – the best of two stage snow blower. With a lot of selected and useful information, you will find it really informative, especially when you are going to buy it.

When we want to buy something, absolutely everyone will search about it. Today, I introduce about Craftsman 88173 – the best of two stage snow blower for helping you have a smart choice. This machine is also the concern of many people. Therefore, it is time for you to read these useful tips of Craftsman 88173 – the best of two stage snow blower below:

Craftsman brand:

This is a popular brand of tools, wear works, equipment … comes from America with long-time developing. Craftsman had some awards like:  “America’s Most Trusted Brand”, “Highest Expectations” and readers of Popular Mechanics named Craftsman their favorite brand of hand tools in their Reader’s Choice Awards.

Especially, most of Craftsman hand tool are having unlimited warranty, one year with electric tools or machines, so you can sure about their quality.

Craftsman 88173

This snow blower by Craftsman was voted because of many reasons: powerful engine inside can throw wet, heavy snowpack; cleaning snow up to 21 inches; easier to use with compact size and electric starter…

Most of experts, owner answer that price and power is the main reason help they bought it easily, also make Craftsman 88173 be the best two- stage gas snow blower. The four-stroke engine and steel auger can clean any largest snow immediately. Not same as one-stage snow blower, Craftsman 88173 can work in gravel topographic. This model balances better than some another two- stage snow blower but missing power assist make it turning harder. This is also cons of 88173.


Using this machine, you can find a little bit difficult because it doesn’t have any steering assistant that make you have to put you back into turning 88173. But most of owners say we can handle this machine with little trouble. There is an electric starter to help machine fires up easy and reliably, even if there is cold weather. The EZ chute of this snow blower can change the direction of snow on the fly. It helps throwing snow farther and reduces blowing back to your face. Although it’s quieter for a gas snow blower, you should wear hearing protection.


Craftsman 88173 is called a compact two-stage snow blower, but inside it have a 208cc four stroke engine. Some people said that too much power than we need for 24 inch snow blower, but they also think it can help them handle any amount of snow (up to 2 feet) even if it is wet, heavy… most of test rates it very good in all snow-removal tasks.

Durability, replacement parts

That cannot easier for you to find a quality snow blower with good price. Though list price is higher but when it comes to owner, we must pay 700$ or less and made it better in expert eyes, owners. If you want to know how long this snow blower lasts, some owners said it well-built and durable.

One especially thing is Craftsman provide a good service and two year warranty with this product. You can ensure that the machine can be fixed or replace free in this time. Beside, a large system of store can supply replacement part all time you need. We just go to nearest store or website to order, after that we can try to be a mechanic yourself.

Price: $659

This is a review of Craftsman 88173 – the best of two stage snow blower, hope you have some new information, smart choice and amazing winter with your family.

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